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Welcome and thank you so much for visiting me.

I bet you don’t realize how courageous you are, but I do.  It takes courage to acknowledge that you are confused; that parts of your life are in turmoil, and that you don’t seem to have the tools to fix the problems on your own.   Finding your way to the life that you deserve takes time, but it begins with the first step.  You have just taken Step One.

For almost thirty years, I have helped families and individuals understand the root causes of the difficulties and challenges they are facing, and identify the possibilities for change, growth and healing that exist for themselves and those they love.

I am a PhD licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a certified Hypnotherapist, and a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner.  Experience and credentials are essential, but the single most important reason my work has been successful is that my clients feel supported and understood.

Overwhelmingly, research has shown that the level of empathy expressed by the therapist determines success in therapy. Remember this when you are interviewing potential therapists.  You must feel comfortable with your therapist, and believe that no matter what you have to share about your life, she will not judge; rather, she will provide you with a sense that she understands and wants to help you make your life better.

I have a lot of information to share with you about the opportunities I offer should you choose to work with me.  Take your time as you travel through my site.  Have a paper and pencil with you.  Write down any/all questions that come to mind, and when you call, we will set aside a time to answer your questions, and establish if we are a good fit.

I look forward to hearing from you and I am privileged to accompany you on the most important journey of your life.